Oct 23

ESOT 2023 in Athens (Greece)

Valentin Goutaudier, from the INSERM team, presented his work ‘Detection of kidney allograft rejection using blood biomarkers: Results of the European multicenter prospective EU-TRAIN trial (NCT03652402)’ at the #ESOTcongress 2023 in Athens.

He was also awarded with the ‘Digital Transformation in Transplantation Best Abstract Award’ for his work in the Banff Automation System, recently published in Nature Medicine.

Congratulations to the team!




Sep 23

Online education-Transplant Live Platform

EU-TRAIN participates to the Transplant Live platform of the European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT).

Transplant Live is the online education platform  that aims to offer high-quality, easily accessible education opportunities to the transplant community worldwide.

Start exploring now and learn more about the educational opportunities offered by Transplant Live > Here.




Nov 22

TLJ ESOT 2022 symposium in Prague (Czech Republic)

During this syposium an educational activity endorsed by the EU-TRAIN consortium about “Development, validation and reporting a prediction model” was carried out and was attended by 50 participants from different European Countries. The course was chaired by EU-TRAIN principal investigators Profs Alexandre Loupy and Oriol Bestard, who coordinated the session and facilitated the smooth running of the course.


Oct 22

Lab tour in Barcelona (Spain), Nantes and Paris (France)

EU-TRAIN and ESOT gave the opportunity to 3 students to visit for 15 days the three main laboratories of the consortia, which were involved in the develop of the main biomarkers of the project (ICS Barcelona, CHU Nantes and Inserm Paris).


Aug 21

ESOT 2021 congress in Milano (Italy)

In that congress, a state-of-the-Art session as well as an educational symposium were devoted to Artificial Intelligence tackling the main goals of the EU-TRAIN consortium as a new approach to analyse outcomes and surrogates in transplantation.



Sep 19

EU-TRAIN – ESOT SYMPOSIUM 2019 in Cophenagen (Denmark)

The first EU TRAIN – ESOT symposium is a unique opportunity to “get on board” the EU-TRAIN, the European Transplantation and Innovation Consortium for Risk Stratification in Kidney Transplant Patients. The symposium will not only introduce the consortium, but it will also focus on the methodological and statistical pitfalls clinical researchers can face in the field of transplantation.

At the symposium that takes place on Sunday 15 September 2019, the future of biomarker-guided patient care in solid organ transplantation will be further exposed as well as how the consortium will create a molecular platform for precision diagnostics, data integration and analytics. Eventually, it will provide a platform of discussion on how to network and set up a European Consortium specifically directed to the younger audience.